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2012 - Richard Sanderson + Slitter - Tone Chambers (Linear Obsessional Recordings LOR 003 Ltd Ed. CD and Free Download)

This piece started as a series of improvisations for melodeon (diatonic button accordion) played by Richard in London and Liam in Glasgow. The recordings were then processed and reprocessed as sound files were sent back and forth - The near 20 minutes of "Tone Chambers" is the final edit by Liam, and consists of a kind of hyper-mix of the recordings which takes you into a world of close recordings and amplified gestures from this most idiosyncratic of squeezeboxes.
Available as a free downlaod and limited/numbered edition of 50 3" CDRs.

2011 - Richard Sanderson - Category Errors (Three Legs Duck)

"Category Errors" is a collection of mixes and mashes assembled from works submitted from around the world to the weekly ImprovFriday sessions. I am indebted to the 20 wonderful musicians who have allowed me to be so reckless with their creativity.

See link above for full details....

2011 - Jérôme Poirier - Col[.--.]lages Volume Three (Three Legs Duck)

I appear on three tracks in this third collection of Jérôme's mash-ups from Improv Friday material.

2011 - V/A Patricide Issue 4 The Sound of Surrealism (Book and CD)
I have one track, an amplified melodeon improvisation, on the CD that accompanies this 200 page book. I also take part in some of the "Audio Corpse" tracks and the "Sonic Egg" track. My Foulkestone colleague Jude Cowan also has a track on the CD as well as some text in the book. These are very nice items and are going fast!

2011 Richard Sanderson - Happened (Linear Obsessional 03)
"Happened" is a live recording of an extended improvisation for amplified melodeon. It is offered as a free companion piece to the "Improvisations for Melodeon" CD.
It was recorded at a concert at the King and Queen, Fitzrovia, London on the 25th June 2011.

2011 - Jérôme Poirier - Col​[​-​.​.​.​]​lages Volume Two (Three Legs Duck)

I appear on five tracks on this compilation of mash-ups by French improviser and sound artist Jérôme Poirier.

2011 - Richard Sanderson - Steady States (Three Legs Duck)

Richard Sanderson - Electronics, Field Recording and Melodeon
1. Argon
2. My Succession
3. Barrier
4. Four Failures (Two With Dreams)
5. Quaggy Drift
6. Night Night

Recorded in South East London 2011

2011 - Richard Sanderson - Improvisations for Melodeon (Linear Obsessional 02 - Ltd Ed CD and Download)

Richard Sanderson - Melodeon and Amplification
1. Heather
2. Parsec
3. Five Small Stones
4. Desobering
5. Bottle City
6. December Valves
7. Caust
8. Holes in the Map
9. Raintone
10. North
11. Mariana Crescent

Real time improvisations for solo melodeon (diatonic button accordion) both acoustic and with amplification and electronics. Recorded South East London 2010/11

2011 - melodeon and electronics on Steve Layton's Unforeseen Consequences (Niwo Sound)

I appear on one track on this epic and highly recommended collection of mash-ups and collages of various improvisers from around the world....

2011 - Richard Sanderson - Empty Path on "For Japan" (Amaranth Sound)

Richard Sanderson - Melodeon

"Empty Path" was my contribution to "For Japan" a compilation album put together by members of the "ImprovFriday" community, as a benefit album following the awful earthquake and tsunami that caused so much devastation. The track consists of one improvisation cut into three parts and played simultaneously.

2011 - Clive Pearman and Richard Sanderson - Silt (Fat Ghost)

Clive Pearman - Guitar, Dobro, Banjo
Richard Sanderson - Melodeon, Electric Guitar, Whistles, keyboards, Electronics

1. Vaniegem Ritual
2. Serpentine Drift
3. Slate Peninsula
4. Undertow
5. Serpentine Dive
6. Tidal Borders
7. A Hundred Years Ago
"Silt" is a collection of improvisations and compositions recorded by Clive and I 2010/11 in Balham, South London.

2011 - Lee Noyes, Jérôme Poirier, Richard Sanderson - What Ville Means (Three Legs Duck)

Lee Noyes (NZ) - Percussion and Feedback Electronics
Jérôme Poirier (FR) - Electric Cello, Electric Bass, Viola and Electronics
Richard Sanderson (UK) - Meleodeon and Amplification
1. Metallic Ears are Top Heavy
2. Novembered
3. Five Pebbles
4. Desobering
5. Beating Losing
6. Februaried (Part One)
7. Februaried (Part Two)

Improvisations recorded in Paris, London and Dunedin 2010/11

2010 - Vocals and Clarinet on The Earliest Humans - The Earliest Humans (Fat Ghost)

I contribute to two tracks on The Earliest Humans' album - "It's Important To Change" and "Careless Sometimes".

2010 - Equipe - Sinta (Fat Ghost Singles Club)

I composed the music for this track, I play Organ, Piano and Electronics, Fernanda Montiero provides vocals and Brazilian lyrics, Clive Pearman plays guitar and bass. It was released as Christmas single by Fat Ghost and is still available as a free download from the above address.

2010 - FootPump (Richard Sanderson & Alan Savage) - FootPump (Linear Obsessional)
1. It's Glam Up North
2. David Bloody Essex
3. Danish Blue
4. Eyebrows
5. I Used To Hate The 80s
6. Beatnik In Stockton
7. Speakeasy
8. Ginger Nuts
9. Velvet Girls
10. Mucky Women
"FootPump" was a collaboration between Alan Savage (of Basczax and Dada Guitars) vocals and concept, and me (loops, electronics and guitar). "FootPump" is a pop album about (amongst other things) growing up in the North East in the 70s. As most of the music is constructed from edited samples of other peoples' records it was decided to issue it as a free download on my own "Linear Obsessional" imprint. Available from the above link.

2009 - Richard Sanderson - Three Ings (Fat Ghost)
"Three Ings" marks an end to a period of performing songs accompanying myself on laptop. The three songs were all originally composed and performed on the laptop over the last two years.
For these recordings I overdubbed a succession of acoustic instruments - melodeon, accordion, whistle, percussion etc plus stringed instruments (banjo, guitar etc played by The Earliest Humans), before removing the original computer backing. This left the songs with strange intervals and phrasings that I enjoyed, I then re-recorded the vocals.
Although the instrumental arrangements may suggest folk music, they aren't.

2009 - Lost Robots - "Improvisation Scaledown" (Fat Ghost Singles Club)

Richard Sanderson - Reed Organ
Mark Braby - Electric Guitar/Percussion
Andy Coules - Bass Guitar
Clive Pearman - Acoustic Guitar

Improvisation recorded at London's Scaledown Club.

2009 - Richard Sanderson - 19th/20th C (Fat Ghost Singles Club)

"Whilst preparing for a live performance at Cafe Oto, I recorded some improvisations directly to a TEAC stereo cassette deck. "19th/20th C" is the last 9 minutes of one improvisation.

This recording was then mastered by Scott Taylor. Apart from the initial edit, no other editing or overdubbing was employed. The title refers to the technology used - 19th Century in the case of the melodeon, 20th in the case of the cassette deck."

2009 - Richard Sanderson & Mark Spybey - "The Setland LP" (Lens Records)

The basic tracks for this album were recorded in Queens Park, London in 1992, although some of the songs date from 1978. Mark later took the recordings we made and edited and remoulded them into the "Setland L.P."

2008 - Lost Robots - No (Orchestra Pit Recording Company)

Mark Braby- Drums/Guitar/Vocals
Andy Coules - Bass
Clive Pearman - Guitar/Banjo
Richard Sanderson - Organ/Clarinet/Computer/Vocals

Recorded in South London in 2008/9. Released as a CD in Digipak cover.

2007 - Lost Robots - Live At Pestival (Fat Ghost)

2007 - Lost Robots - #01 (Fat Ghost)

2005 - Richard Sanderson - Pinhole (Linear Obsessional 01)

2005 - Ticklish - Here Are Your New Instructions (Textile)

2004 - Steve Beresford/John Butcher/Richard Sanderson - I Shall Become A Bat (Qbico)

2002 - Minnow - Out of the Woods (Duophonic)

2001 - Ticklish - Rubato (Textile)

2000 - Ticklish - Ticklish (Grob)

2000 - Minnow - Minnow (Oddo)

1997 - Spook - Spook (Confront)

1996 - Scant - Scant (Confront)

1980 - Tick Tick - The Immortalisation of Tick Tick (Chance)

See also this Discogs page which includes compilation appearances and compositional credits.

A very few remaining copies of the Tick Tick EP, Ticklish's "Rubato" LP, Steve Beresford's "I Shall Become A Bat" and Lost Robot's "No" are available direct from me. See "Shop" for further information.